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The World of Coca-Cola


The Coke Factory was a really cool place to visit. The price was reasonable ($16 per adult) and there was a lot to do there.

The tour started off with a brief history of Coke. Then we were ushered into a theater to watch a ridiculous clip about how coke makes you happy.



After the video clip we were free to visit the exhibits at our own pace. The first we went into was the Coca-Cola Vault where the secret formula for Coke is located. I was hoping to get a glance at the recipe, but it was sealed in this vault.  I was skeptical if it really was located here, but after some research it is actually there. Pretty cool!



After the vault we got to see the Coke Bear! He was kinda creepy up close, but we still got our picture with him.


Next was the exhibit that showed how coke was bottled. It started off by sanitizing the bottles and then filling them up. Very very cool.







The factory was kid-friendly and had fun activities for all ages.


An activity where you tried to draw the Coke symbol and then it showed you how close you were!


This one was a “challenge” to see who could get the coke bottle that was the farthest away from Atlanta.


Olympic torches from Olympic Games that Coke has supported.


All the different kinds of drinks that Coca-Cola owns.


My husband at the 4-D film about finding the secret as to why Coke is so great.

My favorite part of the whole tour was the Coke Tasting Room. Here they had hundreds of different drinks from around the world that Coca-Cola owns. Personally, I hate any beverage that is carbonated, but I had to try them all! I mean, how often do you have the chance to try all these different kinds of drinks! My favorite drink Coke has is the Strawberry Minute Maid Lite (North American of course!). My favorite drink that was not a normal drink was a Peach Mango Tea from Latin America.




At the end of the tour we were given our own Coke bottle to keep! These bottles were made in the factory.


And, of course, who can’t go without visiting the gift shop! My husband and I bought several birthday and Christmas gifts while we were there for all of our Coke-loving people.


The Coke Factory was a great experience. Here is how I would rate it:

  • Price – ★★★☆☆
  • Kid friendly – ★★★★☆
  • Experience – ★★★★★
  • Taste – ★★★★☆
  • Overall – ★★★★☆


Have you ever been to the World of Coca-Cola? What was your favorite part? What was your favorite drink?


Trip to Atlanta, GA

This past weekend I went on a trip to Atlanta, GA to celebrate one of my relative’s 50th wedding anniversary.




We had a great time going to the Coke Factory or Coca-Cola World as it is called. We also walked downtown in the Olympic park. My next two posts will be about these two places.

By the way while we were there we went to Waffle House for breakfast. I had one of the best waffles ever! It was a chocolate chip waffle with sweet vanilla icing on it. It was delicious! Highly recommend it!