Life as I Know It

Life has been CRAZY the last few weeks. My husband started his new job on Monday and we are both super excited about it. On Saturday we went to a friend’s wedding and then raced back to move to our new apartment. We are still working on moving out of the old place. It’s amazing how tiring a move can be if you move up to a third floor apartment.

This week is Spring Break for me so I have this time to work on a few goals:

  1. Unpack the house
  2. Finish moving out of the old apartment
  3. Spend lots of time with Kevin
  4. All the laundry done
  5. April Lesson Plans Done
  6. Beat the LEGO movie video game
  7. Begin my new diet – Gluten Free and Dairy Free
  8. Watch an entire season of a TV show (TBD)
  9. Spend as much time with my husband as I can (because he is amazing!!!)
  10. Figure out what to add to my math time at school
  11. Update my classroom blog

Well those are the ones I plan on working on. Lord willing, I will keep you posted! Until later, au revoir!


New Bible Study – Made to Crave

I was just looking on Facebook and I came across a free Bible study from Proverbs31 Women. So I decided to join. We are just on the first day of the study, but it’s been great so far. We are reading the book Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst. Chapter 1 was called “What’s Really Going on Here?”

Here are some thoughts from this chapter:

I love the idea that craving itself is not wrong – God made us to crave. Our sinful nature changes that God-driven craving to hurt us. I also love the comparison of Eve and Jesus. It shows that no matter how strong the craving is, if our focus is on God He will help us get through it. God’s Word will always help us through the trials in our lives.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this chapter and I cannot wait for the rest of the study!

What’s Been Up

As you may notice, it has been a REALLY long time since I last posted. This is due to a number of things:

  • School starting (and all its chaos)
  • My husband and I had a miscarriage
  • Dealing with social anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Family in town
  • and to top it all off – our apartment flood which was not handled appropriately (and loss of items)

Chaos and Depression pretty much sum up the last few months. It’s very despressing to read but I thought I should be honest about it. I am, Lord-willing, going to be throwing myself back here. One of my new year’s resolutions is to do things that scare me – be willing to step out of my comfort zone. Well, here’s to a new year and one that I am focusing on hoping in God because without Him life isn’t worth living.

August Currently

Can you believe it is already August?!? The summer has flown by. To procrastinate on work for the school year celebrate August being here I am linking up with Farley for her Currently.



I dawned on me yesterday that – “Oh junk, inservice starts next Thursday and school the next. AHHHHHH!”

My B2S Must haves are pretty self-explainatory.

1. Here’s a picture of my new lunchbox that my mom bought me for the new school year (Thanks, Mom!!!). I love the Vera Bradley lunchboxes because you can just throw them in the wash. (Because you know that kid is going to spill something on it – or sneeze on it – YUCK!)

2. A classroom decor is a necessity. I am a big fan of a simple, yet bright and fun, classroom. My classroom theme this year is dogs. I love dogs and I cannot wait for the year to start! (I will be posting pictures as I get my room done. Hopefully it will get done Monday *crosses-fingers*)

3. Starbucks is flat out amazing. It tastes good and there is one near my school. It also doesn’t help that if you buy 6 times between now and August 13 they will send you a $5 e-giftcard. WHAT?!? As if I need more temptation to go. lol.

Well, this is August. I am going to stop procrastinating and go get some of the things crossed off my to-do list.

New Years Goals!

The school year is about to begin! It is hard to believe that the summer is almost over. Summers fly by faster every year. To begin the year off the right way, I am linking up with I {heart} Recess and her new years goals linky!



  • Personal Goals: Blog more consistently. I have the time, I just choose to do other things. As for eating vegetarian, I am vegetarian going on strong for three days now and I feel great! Have you ever come home with a ton of stuff to do for school? It makes the thought of going to school the next day not a happy one. So, I plan on doing as much work at school so I can come home, relax, and enjoy time with my family.
  • Organization Goals: Have you ever had a long day at school and come home to a messy house that needs to be cleaned? Not a very happy feeling. To avoid that I am trying to keep the house clean by picking up a little each day. Ever come to the day before papers are to come home and you look at your stack and nearly faint because it is a foot tall? Ya, that was me last year, but not anymore! I am going to grab that bull by the horns and grade everything on the day it is turned in.
  • Planning Goals: Last year at the end of the year I started doing each month’s lesson plans and papers before the month began. It helped sooo much! It took work, but it was worth it in the end. I plan to do that again this year too.
  • Professional Goals: Reading Centers. I personally have a very negative attitude towards centers in the classroom because they take so much prep for the teacher. This year I am going to just go with it despite my negative feelings towards it.
  • Student Goals: One thing I always struggle with is being firm. If I say it, it needs to happen. I am going to write down EVERYTHING this year to help with that. I also want to challenge my students to be better than they think they can. When you challenge students they perform more than they think!
  • Motto: “Wherever you are, be all there.” Whether I am at school, home, grocery store, or anywhere, I want to give 100%. I don’t want to be at school and be thinking about that nice vacation and how I just “have to get through today.” We have all been there before. Trust me, I think I’m the worst culprit! Not this year though! I’m going to give it all!



So there are my goals, do you have any goals for this school year or for the rest of the year? 

My Mom’s Killer Guac Recipe

I was going through the pictures on my phone (because I have too many) and I found my mom’s recipe for guac. It is amazing! Now I don’t like Guac but I like this one. It is very good with lime tortilla chips!

Mom’s Guacamole Recipe:

Add these ingredients and then mash together:

  • 1 avocado
  • lime juice (drain)
  • 1/2 t salt
  • 1/2 t cumin
  • 1/4 t Cayenne

Then add

  • 1/2 onion
  • 2 Roma tomatoes
  • 1 T cilantro
  • 1/2 a jalapeño
  • 1 large clove of garlic
  • more lime juice (to taste)

Make sure as you are mixing it not to mash it up too much. It is best a little chunky. ENJOY!


Is there a recipe that your mom makes that you love?


Home sweet home. That’s where I am right now – Colorado. I grew up in Colorado (mostly) and I am back to visit for a week so while I am here my blog posts will be about what we do and other cool finds.

My favorite part if flying into Denver International Airport is seeing the Rocky mountains. There is nothing like seeing them. They are so majestic! They truly show how awesome God is.


The other thing I like is the possessed blue horse at the airport. I love it! Picture coming soon!

Well since it is 1:00 EST 11:00 MTN. I think it is time for sleep. Until tomorrow, adios!