Summer Goals Update

Half of the summer is gone! Can you believe that? I feel like it has flown past!! I start back at school in August. There’s so much to do in so little time! This is my motivation to focus and get stuff done. As for my goals, here is the update with each one:


I’ve probably been doing a little too much of this one. But I am accomplishing it! 🙂

2. Spend as much time as I can with my hubby and puppy

I have been loving all the extra time with my hubby. His new work schedule is odd, but it gives us lots of time to spend together (which I absolutely love!). Kevin and I have been spending lots of time together as well. This morning we went to the Dog Park just because. In fact, he is sleeping on my legs while I type this out! I love them both!

3.Exercise and lose weight (goal is to workout at least 5 days a week)

This one has gone to the back burner recently. I just got back yesterday from vacation and took today off to sleep in. I hope to get myself in the habit of either exercising when I wake up or going to the gym on the way home from school. We will see.

4. Have all my First Quarter materials entered into our Cloud

This one is about half way done. I am going to focus on this one this week.

5. All current materials I use made digital

This is one that is at 0% as I have not yet been back to my classroom. I plan on going tomorrow to bring home a bunch of stuff and organize and go through it. This stuff takes up too much of my classroom space (which is already VERY limited).

6. Clean and organize our second bedroom (aka storage)

This one was going great… until we had people over. We had to shove it all back in the room so there weren’t random boxes everywhere. This weekend my hubby is off and we might get some work done on it then.

7. Read at least one book a week

This one is going well. I have read several books since summer began. I just finished the third The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor Part 2 on Saturday. I just love The Walking Dead. Just amazing. I heat Daryl and all things Walking Dead. 🙂

8. Learn a new song on the piano and on the cello

Since I have been on vacation this one has fallen aside, but I am working on these!

9. Try one new recipe a week

This is probably my favorite goal that I made for myself. Last week I was on vacation so I couldn’t try any recipes, but the week before that I made these delicious Pretzel wrapped Cheese Hotdogs. They were delicious! You can find the recipe here. I am planning on making them this week again because my hubby loved them so much! This week I plan on making Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

10. Create a Phonics program for my classroom

This one is complete! the only thing I have to do is create the Powerpoints and upload the documents. YEAH!!!

That is the update for this week. More to come!


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