I have been meaning to get into my classroom and get organizing my cabinets, bookshelf, etc. and they have been doing major work in there. So, I haven’t been able to go into my classroom. ugh. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to go in for an hour or two. If I do there will be a post coming up about that! Today I am going to make a “to-do” list and write down everything I need to do so I am not running around like a chicken with his head cut off! Hopefully I will be able to work on some LRP and tests/quizzes. I thankfully have all my Bible and Science curriculum here at home so I can work on it! We will see how it goes.

I have decided this year on a dog theme for my classroom. It is what I did my first classroom in so I already have some things. I am toying with a few ideas. I am currently looking for medium size baskets for my students to have next year to hold their crayons, scissors, and other “artsy” things.” Last year I made them put them in the back and it really stopped a lot of unnecessary messes and playing in their desks.

Well, that was some needless ramblings. I feel a little more motivated to get started! I have been enjoying my summer and now it is time to start focusing more on school.

Are you doing anything different this year in your classroom? What is your theme?


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