Cleaning/Organizing the Second Bathroom

We just moved last month and now we are on the quest to clean/organize the house and get settled in. Up until now we unpacked what we needed and left everything else to just sit there. The first room I am tackling is the Second bathroom. We haven’t had to use it so it just sat with boxes/bags of stuff waiting to be put up.


This is how it looked like before:





Yes, pretty rough. These are the steps I took to make it clean and organized:

  1. Take out all the stuff that needs to be organized.
  2. Clean everything!
  3. Divide the stuff that was in the bathroom into piles sorting them out.
  4. Place the items neatly into tubs for easy access. The main reason I did this is because our storage cabinets in the bathroom are narrow and deep. This will avoid frustration in the future. (I bought these tubs from Walmart  for less than $2 each!)
  5. Place tubs on the shelves.
  6. Step back and enjoy the organization!

The after!






How have you organized your bathrooms? Anything that has worked… or not worked?


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