Summer is Finally Here!!!

School is finally out! Summer has started for me today. This past school year was great, busy but great! This summer I have decided to make some goals to help keep me from wasting my summer away. Without further ado, here they are:

  1. Improve my cello skills and try to learn vibrato (something I still haven’t been able to master). I plan on doing this by practicing during the week.
  2. Unpack our apartment. We moved in May and we still are not unpacked yet. This will be a big task, but I believe I can do it!
  3. Organize our apartment. I plan on going room by room to get it looking the best it can!
  4. Prepare myself for the next school year. Lesson plans, decorating classroom, Powerpoints, etc.
  5. Read a book every week (and blog about it!).
  6. Finish the scarf I started making for my husband back in September of 2008. (Yes it has been that long!)
  7. Try a new recipe every week.
  8. Lose weight and get in shape. My dog and I will be going on walks, I will be eating less calories, and I will be trying a detox diet that worked for my mom.
  9. Be able to run a mile. This will be a challenge as I haven’t been able to do much running since my knee injury in January.
  10. Sell things that we do not need.
  11. Play with my sewing machine that my grandma gave me for Christmas – maybe make a skirt or two!

That may seem like a lot, but I am super excited. So join me this summer as I try to fulfill all of these goals!

Question for you: Do you have any goals for this summer? What are they?


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