He’s an Unchanging Savior!

While praying for my class this afternoon, this song came to my mind. It means so much to me that I have a Savior Who is unchanging dispite all the turmoil that goes on in my life or the lives of my students. There is so much going on in each life of my students right now. I praise God that I am able to be there to help them grow in their relationship with Christ as I teach them. God is truly wonderful!


When the scenes of life shift about us like the backdrops in a play,

Were our trust in the things that surround us, in the things that pass away,

We should then be full of confusion, without hope and in dismay.

What a joy instead to be anchored to the rock that will ever stay!

Then we will press onward for Christ is still the same.

What He was in ages past is what He will remain.

And forevermore that is what He will be, for time and for eternity!

He’s an unchanging Savior, with an undying love.

He’s an unchanging Savior, our life, our surety!


-Words by Jeanine Drylie



(words borrowed from We’re Singing, a songbook from the Wilds Christian Association – http://www.wilds.org – a special thank you to them for their amazing ministry!)


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