Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

This afternoon while I was doing my lesson plans I decided to put on a movie “just for some noise” and ended up intently watching it and crying throughout almost the whole movie. This movie was Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. A man finds a dog at a train station and ends up keeping the dog. The dog and the man become instantly bonded and their bond is extremely strong. The dog walks with the man to the train station every morning and then comes back to the train station every day when the train pulls in at 5:00. This continues every day until the man leaves for work one day after the dog behaves very unusually. At work that day, the man has a heart attack and dies. When the train pulls in at 5:00, Hachi is there waiting for his master to come out of the door. Hachi waits until one of the man’s family comes to pick him up later that night. To make a long story short, Hachi ends up going everyday to the train station and waits for his master to get off the train. Hachi ends up dying in the spot he was waiting for his master.


This movie was fantastic! It gets the audience attached to the man and the dog and leads you through their life together and apart. As a dog enthusiast, I was excited for a new dog movie, but was amazed at the emotional attachment you have with Hachi, the dog. This is one I would highly recommend for anyone to watch, but if you love dogs (or even like them) bring a box of tissues and cuddle with your dog.


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