Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore

This book is a non-fiction book that tells the stories of two men and how their lives became intertwined just because of one remarkable woman. The story begins with each man’s childhood and some of the trials (or lack thereof) they faced. Denver is your typical slave. Growing up in a life that includes lots of hard work and very little earthly possessions. Ron begins life living in a home in which they paid people to do work like Denver. Life continues for each young man. Ron marries a young lady who is a fascinating woman. She gets him to volunteer at a food shelter with her. Together they work and help feed some of the homeless people in the area – one who is Denver. Denver is a very hard man who seems to balk at these people trying to help out. Debbie (Ron’s wife) encourages Ron to become friends with Denver. Ron does it to appease his wife, but it leads into something more. The story continues with their lives as friends as they go through various trials including hardships, cancer, and death.


This book was a very good read. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It is written in first-person. As you read the book, it feels as if you are in the same room as these men and they are telling you their stories. The book makes you emotionally attached to the characters and I found myself crying and laughing throughout the book. Overall, a very good book I would recommend.


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