The Shack by William P. Young

This book by William P. Young is about a man named Mack who takes his family on a camping trip. It is just like any other camping trip until something life-changing occurs – Mack’s daughter gets abducted by a murderer who is notorious for killing his abductees. After a long period of searching, Mack, his family, and the police all believe his daughter to have been killed. Mack and his family go back home and try to live life as normal as they can. One day while his wife is visiting a relative, he receives an unusual letter in the mail from “Papa.” (“Papa” is what his wife calls God.) The letter tells him to come back to the cabin where they believe his daughter was murdered. Mack goes to the cabin and has an unusual experience – he meets God there. The meeting at the cabin changes his life forever.

This book was a very easy read and kept me captivated the whole time. While I appreciate a few of the things that is tells about God, there are a lot of things that the author describes God as or has God do that does not seem to fit with the Biblical God. In the book God listens to “funk” music and tells Mack that it is not the music that matters but the “heart” behind the music (p. 89). The book also describes Jesus as a dependent, limited human being who was trusting God completely while on Earth (p. 98). God was limited through Jesus Christ (p. 99).  These are only scratching the surface of some of the aspects of God that do not describe the God of the Bible. I would not recommend this book to anyone to read due to its inaccuracies of God. If one were to read this book, I would highly encourage him to read it with caution.


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