The Giver by Lois Lowry

This book is about a young boy named Jonas living in a community. This community is one in which every does their part for the community. Every one is categorized by age and each age has certain things they live by. When one turns 12, he receives his job assignment which is generally decided based on where he volunteered when  he was younger. When Jonas goes to his 12 ceremony, his number is skipped. After giving everyone else their job descriptions, the Elder gives Jonas the assignment as the new Receiver of the Community. After learning about his job and receiving several memories, he realizes how great the world would be if the whole community had those memories. The only way for that to happen is for Jonas to die or to leave the community. Jonas and his instructor, the Giver, create a plan to help Jonas escape. Jonas escapes the community with a young child. The end of the book is vague as the reader is unsure of whether Jonas is alive or not.

This is one of my favorite books to ever read. It is very easy to read and invites the reader to think, “What if everyone was the same?” This book does have a few objectionable elements that I would warn the reader about, especially a young reader. The book does talk about euthanasia and genetic engineering. Once again, this is a fantastic book to read.


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  1. The Giver is an incredible book. I read it in the 8th grade and recently re-read it about a decade later and now have a whole new appreciation for the story. I just finished reading the companion books, Gathering Blue and Messenger. Excellent follow-ups!


    • I agree. I am about to read Gathering Blue and Messenger once I finish my current book. I am curious to see what her new book will be like (Son). 🙂


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