Christian Family Guide to Organizing Your Life by James S. Bell, Jr.

This book is about like the title says organizing your life. The majority of the book is how to organize your house and how that helps you have a more organized life. The last little bit is about organizing your papers, email, and computer to help organize your life. The one thing this book states that is very important is that you don’t become magically organized. It is an effort that begins with you. If you do not start getting organized now, you never will be. This book has a lot of good tips on how to keep your home and life organized. Some parts are extreme (like having a file folder for every day of the week to organize your papers), but some people might need that. Having been written in 2003, this book is a little outdated. It talks about people having “palm-tablets” and leaves out some great tools that have been invented in recent years. The section on organizing your home was excellent and was a great read with some really good tips on how to help keep your home organized. I would recommend the book to anyone who is looking to organize his life a little more.


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