Enough Already!!!

I have been sick for a week and a day and it is getting old VERY quickly. On Monday I had to take the day off of work because of a fever. I can’t be around the kids if I have a fever. This was my first day off because of being sick ever as a teacher. It is kinda sad to see a fellow teacher and I watch our kids at recess/carline together. We will take turns coughing our lungs out. Lol! Today was the first soccer practice I’ve run since last Friday. Man, did it wipe me out! I did not even run with them like I will occasionally. I have been up for the last 4 nights coughing. The cough syrup didn’t help any. I think tonight will be a NyQuil night so hopefully I can get some sleep and let my hubby sleep some too. On the bright side I am still alive and I am able to go teach every day right now. I enjoy my time with my hubby and my puppy. They always make me feel better. 🙂


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