Soccer Season Begins

Today was the final day of tryouts for soccer. I am once again coaching the middle school girls soccer team for Friendship. It is definitely a stretch for me, but I really enjoy getting to know the girls. This year, God was just awesome and allowed me to keep everyone who tried out. I am so excited! I have some girls with great character this year. When they heard that one girl who couldn’t make it on the team for various reasons was put as team manager they were excited. “Thank you, Coach. You don’t know what it means to her. She’s so happy.” (Quote from one of the players) This year will be a challenge as I help some of the girls learn how to play soccer. One girl who did not make the team last year because of her effort was showing me this year how much she wanted to be on the team. She’s a complete 360 from where she was last year. Soccer season has begun! First game is next Thursday – Bring it on.


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