Update on 2012 Goals

  • Read through the Bible in a year (Goal is to have Old Testament done by the end of the summer)
Well let’s just say I’m not very far, unfortunately. 😦
  • Get physically fit (able to run a mile, get in better shape)
This is also a work in progress. With TJ’s new job I am able to go home early so I am trying to do some Wii fit and walk then.
  • Organize my home
Also a work in progress. This is difficult as we are trying to pack up for when we move soon. But, I have organized my dresser drawers, my closet, and under the kitchen sink. Next to come is the boxes by the kitchen table. Most of them are books, but some are not.
  • Organize my classroom
Little steps are being made. I have organized my desk drawer by putting a hanging file holder in it. Next is to tackle my big beastly cabinet.
  • Get all my lesson plans done for the school year (by March)
As of right now, my lesson plans are done thru February. This week’s goals is to get March’s done.
  • Read at least one book a month (goal is at least 2 – one fiction, one nonfiction)
Unfortunately this one isn’t doing too well either. I chose a really big book to read first so I’m still reading it. 
  • Get debt free! (only 2 left)

A work in progress! Slowly getting those debts gone! With Tj’s new job we will hopefully be debt free by the end of the summer!!!!


That is the current stance of things. Hopefully I will be able to focus and get going on some of these. But, with God’s help I can do all things.


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