Amazing Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend I went to TJ’s house to celebrate our four year anniversary. It’s hard to believe we’ve been dating for four years! I hope by our next anniversary we will be married. We’ll just see though. 🙂 This weekend we didn’t do anything extraordinary because of being snowed in, but it was amazing. 🙂 We watched several movies (Get Smart, Three Amigos, etc.) and played out in the snow. When we went out Saturday to go walk in the snow, he picked me up and threw me in the snow. To get my revenge, later I pushed him down into the snow. It was a great time. We also put together the puzzle he gave me for our anniversary. (He had also given me the Homeward Bound DVDs and the first Harry Potter book.) It is a cute puzzle with a bunch of dogs all over it. It took us about 5 hours to do, but it was fun. Last night he graded papers for me while I entered in lesson plans for the week. Today as I left he was throwing snow balls at me so I shoved snow down his shirt and he proceeded to do the same to me. Which left me wet for the ride home (he apologized for this). Then I made the trek home which is where I am now – unpacking my stuff. I can’t wait until the next weekend I get to spend with him. 🙂


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