When googled these are a few responses… Hamsterific, Can’t stop spinning. Wikipedia defines them as “tout-bodied, with tails shorter than body length, and have small furry ears, short stocky legs, and wide feet.” The word Hamster comes from the German verb “to hoard” probably due to the fact they have expandable cheek pouches that they can store food in. What is interesting is that they are omnivores except for the black-tailed giant Hamster in Borneo who happens to be Carnivorous. The one most people have as pets are the Syrian or Golden Hamster.They usually live no more than two or three years as pets and even less than that when they are in the wild (go figure). You can show or breed hamsters. But to me that is crazy. Showing a dog makes sense, but that is crazy! Maybe that’s just me since I’ve never owned a hamster. There was a song is named after hamsters. This song is the Hampster Dance. Why they misspelled it we may never know. This song is very popular and is even played in some sports games. This song when released in Canada was classified as the worst or cheesiest video of the year in 2001. In 2005, CNET named it the #1 web fad.

Anyways, enough said about hamsters. This post is a tribute to TJ who told me to write about hamsters. Hopefully you learned something new because I know I did.


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