What a Day!

Today was an interesting day. It started off good. Had a great time in Morning Devos. Then school went well. I was interrupted during seatwork time by one of my students holding her hand to her mouth. She took them down to show me her hands covered in blood. I shipped her over to her mom who was subbing. Later she came up to me and showed me her tooth that she pulled out. Soon after that Mr. Nelson came in and showed my classroom to a new student. She will be in my class in early November. Very excited. My students were so happy to hear about it that they started making signs and cards for her (already). 🙂 Then at 2:31, we were supposed to be out at carline. I had my students go to get their backpacks. I saw one of my boys go down on the backpacks and come up crying. He was holding his hand so I had him show me. He pulled his hand back and I saw his hand dripping blood. So now my mind thinks ok, remember first aid. I got a paper towel and had him dab the blood off so I could assess how bad it was. Immediately after I dabbed it, it started pouring out again.I told him to put pressure on it and go to the office. As I drag my kids out of the class to carline, one of my students says, “Miss McQueary, there are blood drops on the floor.” After carline I came back to assess the damage. I saw blood drops on my nice big rug. So I told the office and they said they would let the guy know so he could clean it up. I hope they get it up… otherwise I’ll be looking at buying a new one. As Mr. K says, “Life is good. God is good.”


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