Life at Southland

Hello from Southland Christian Camp in Ringgold, LA! Things are hot and humid down here in the South. This last past week was our first week of camp. It was a Junior Camp week with Evangelist Bryan Samms preaching. The messages were great! There were 23 young people saved this week. Praise God! I had 9 girls in my cabin this week. They were all good girls, but they all came from broken homes. One of the girl’s dad had died the Thursday before camp started. It was a very challenging week as it was hard to really keep the girls from talking and being in control. Thankfully Tina was there to help give a boost. Even though she yelled at them and was firm, they absolutely adored her! No big decisions were made by my girls, but I could tell they did learn a little more about God. I think the week was more for me. It was to teach me that I could not do it myself. I need to rely on God for everything. Overall, it was a hard week but I believe God was glorified. That’s all that really matters. 🙂


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