Last Starbucks Moment in St. Louis

This is my last time I sit here in St. Louis sipping my Grande Vanilla Creme until at least next year. Word back home says it’s snowing bad. It’s looking more and more slim that we’ll make it home the night of the 31st. Oh well, God is good and He’ll get us home when He wants us home. We went shopping yesterday at St. Louis Mills and unfortunately I saw nothing that I needed. Really a bummer. I didn’t even buy anything at the other mall when I was there on Tuesday. Well, it’s off to Indianna today which means no internet until I get back to Colorado. I should be able to make it, right?


One response to this post.

  1. holy cow, man! you go to starbucks way more than i ever do. *shaking head* tsk, tsk. glad to see you’ve finally jumped on the blog-wagon. hooray! now i have another friend to read about. hope your christmas was excellent- and if you’re back in CO soon, i’ll be at highlands on sunday!


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